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Tuya Temperature Humidity Sensor Mini LCD Display Compatible with Bluetooth APP Remote Control Thermometer Hygrometer


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Brand Name: RightSitu

Model Number: TH05

Communication method: Bluetooth-compatible

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Choice: yes

• Mini LCD Display :The compact size of the LCD display makes it easy to read and monitor temperature and humidity levels.

• Bluetooth APP Remote Control :Connect the sensor to your smartphone via Bluetooth and control it remotely using the app on your phone.

• Thermometer Hygrometer :The sensor measures both temperature and humidity levels, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your environment.

• RoHS Certification :The product is certified by RoHS, ensuring that it meets safety and environmental standards.

Tips for purchase:

This sensor cannot be connected to WiFi or Zigbee Hub.

But it supports Tuya Bluetooth Gateway and Tuya Multi-Mode Hub.

Product Features:

1. High precision temperature and humidity measurement.

2. Intuitive Comfort indication.

3. Real-time monitoring,data recording/export.

4. APP local Monitoring

5. Temperature and humidity data chart display

6. APP Remote Monitoring.

7. Smart Scene linkage.

NOTE: 6.7 required Tuya Bluetooth gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode Hub supported.

Product Parameter:

* Power Supply: CR2032(included)

* Wireless Type:Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
* Temperature Measure Range: -9.9℃-60℃
* Temperature Accuracy: ± 1 ℃
* Humidity Measure Range: 0% RH~99% RH
* Humidity Accuracy: ±5% RH

About Rmote Monitor:

To achieve remote monitoring and automatic configuration, our products need Tuya Bluetooth Gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode gateway support.

APP Show

Product technical characteristics

About Remote monitoring:

If you want to remotely monitor temperature and humidity, you must configure the sensor to Tuya Bluetooth Gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode gateway.If the mobile phone Bluetooth configure is used, the sensor has no remote monitoring or linkage function.If the mobile phone is directly connected, some Android phones need to turn on the GPS function (low-power Bluetooth is included in the GPS function)

About Update Frequency:

1. The sensor uses a trigger mechanism. When the temperature or humidity changes to the set value, the sensor will report the data immediately. Generally, the data is updated once an hour.

2. The sensor cannot set the update report data frequency.

3. The sensor cannot set alarm. The alarm function is set on the APP.

NOTE:This function requires Tuya Bluetooth Gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode Gateway supported.

Error on temperature and humidity:

1. All temperature and humidity sensors will have certain errors, please note. The temperature error of this sensor is ± 1 ℃, and the humidity error is ± 5% RH. Any value within this range is normal.

2. The sensor error and manufacturing process will meet, and there will also be some errors between products of the same model.

3. According to Newton's third law, heat conduction takes a certain time. The sensor needs 30 minutes or 1 hour to be consistent with the room temperature, and the measurement will be accurate.

Historical curve of temperature and humidity:

1. The minimum granularity of historical data (daily chart) is 1 hour, and the minimum granularity of exported data is also 1 hour.

2. Days of historical data are stored for 7 days.3. The value of historical data is the average value. That is, the average value of a minimum granularity time.

Support for third-party smart speakers:

1. Because the third-party smart speakers (Google Home/Amazon Alexa) do not have control panels corresponding to temperature and humidity sensors,Therefore, the APP of third-party smart speakers may not display the temperature and humidity correctly.But we have developed voice query function. Therefore, the current temperature and humidity can be queried by voice.

2. Route or automatic process related to temperature and humidity cannot be established on the third-party smart speakers.

3. The device does not support Yandex Alice.

NOTE:This function requires Tuya Bluetooth Gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode Gateway supported.

Trigger mechanism of temperature and humidity in automatic process:

We used Edge Triggered (ET)That is, the action can only be triggered if the condition crosses the set condition.

A: For example, turn on the light when the automatic setting temperature is greater than 25 ℃.A.

1. When the temperature rises from below 25 ℃ to 25 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the ON light.A.

2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always above 25 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.

B: For example, when the automatic setting temperature is less than 20 ℃, turn on the light.B.

1. When the temperature drops from above 20 ℃ to 20 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the start lamp.B.

2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always below 20 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.

NOTE:This function requires Tuya Bluetooth Gateway or Tuya Multi-Mode Gateway supported.

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