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LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter HTC-2 Home Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer Weather Station with Clock


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Brand Name: other

Style: Standing Station

Theory: Thermometer Hygrometer

Cable Length: 1m

Display Type: DIGITAL

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• DIGITAL DISPLAY :The digital display provides accurate temperature and humidity readings, making it easy to monitor the indoor environment.

• STANDING STATION :The standing station design allows for easy monitoring of temperature and humidity levels from a distance, making it ideal for use in larger rooms or areas.

• WEATHER STATION :The weather station feature adds an additional layer of functionality, allowing users to monitor weather conditions outside the home as well as inside.

• CLOCK FEATURE :The clock feature provides a convenient way to track time while monitoring temperature and humidity levels, making it a versatile addition to any home or office.

Product selling point:

1.Intimate tilt angle design, more convenient to see the time and temperature
2. Htc-2 adopts high-quality thermistor and humidity sensitive resistor, long life and stable quality
3. Place the probe outside the window to detect the outdoor temperature (and remember the highest/lowest temperature in history)
4. Folding bracket, can be placed on the desktop, can be hung on the wall, no matter where is a beautiful scenery line
5. Using high-quality display screen, light black characters, clear screen 360 degrees without visual dead angle

Product parameters:

Temperature measurement range:-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Humidity measurement range: 10% ~ 99% RH

Color: White
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2 ℃
Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 20% RH
Use battery: 1 7th Battery
(Without battery)
Product size: 10.3*9.3*2.15cm


1. Push open the battery door according to the direction indicated on the back of the device, install the battery, and then reinstall the battery door. The device is ready to use.

2. Button function: (MODE) Switch clock and alarm display mode/Set current time, alarm, 12 or 24 hour clock, date (ADJ) Adjust the value of the set item; (MEMORY) Display the highest/lowest humidity value in memory/clear the highest/lowest humidity value in memory; (C/oF) Switch temperature units to display in ℃ (Celsius) or oF (Fahrenheit).

3. Press and hold (MODE) for 1 second in the initial state, and the current minute count will start flashing. Press (ADJ) to adjust the minute count, and press (MODE) continuously to set "clock", "12/24", "month (M)", and "day (D)" respectively

4. In the current clock mode, (the two points between the clock and minute flash once per second), short press the home button to switch to alarm mode (the two points between the clock and minute do not flash). At this time, press (ADJ) to switch the "Alarm" function/"Hour reminder" function on and off. Press and hold (MODE) for 2 seconds to set the alarm time and activate the "V Hour reminder" function. The () symbol will appear.

5. In alarm mode, if there is no operation, it will automatically return to the current clock after one minute. At this time, press once (ADJ) to switch to the calendar display, and after 3 seconds, it will automatically return to the current clock.

6. Pressing (MEMORY) can display the maximum and minimum values of temperature/humidity that have been memorized. Holding down (MEMORY) for more than 2 seconds can clear the memorized maximum/minimum values.


If there is any malfunction with the device, please remove the battery and reinstall it.

Packing list:

Temperature and humidity meter * 1

Instruction * 1

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